Payon INT Hirad Trading Company ( PIH co. ) has more than 10 years of experiences in importing, supplying and distribution of raw material in Food Industries throughout the country.

Since this company is representing the world first class manufacturing companies who are leaders in production of the high quality ingredients under top license formulation, is able to easily submit his qualified services to the potential customers in local market.


PIH co. as one of the top 5 pioneer companies in Iran, benefits of expert and smart human resources in sales, commercials, Research and Developments, Finance as well as logistics and international transportation departments caused an attractive capability in providing the solution Technical and Commercial requirements of its esteemed clients. The main activity of this company is focused on supplying and distribution of raw materials for chocolate, cake, cookies, coffee drink and pastry industries together with several types of specialty oil derivatives, coffee bean, coffee powder, cocoa butter and different grades of creamers and foamers and so on.

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PIH co. maintains some affiliated offices, contacts and agents in Middles East and South East Asia. This network helps itto control and manage the production and shipment schedule of the commodities in order to meet all customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. At present, the company holds the representative and sole agency of the first class manufacturers such as:
“ISF” for all type of specialty fats such as CBS, CBR, CBE, chocspread, heat stable oil, shortening oil;
“Mokate” for Creamer, Foamer, Fat powder, Topping base, chocolate base, milk replacer;
“Favorich” for various grades of cocoa powder, cocoa butter (natural & deodorized), cocoa mass;
“Cacique” for instant coffee in three shapes of spray dried, agglomerated and freeze dried;
“Novacart” for confectionary paper cups, Baking mould;
“Role” for Glycerin;
“Birkamidon“ for Starches;
“Interovo“ for Albumen;

The future development plans is focused on approaching to expanded range of products in this industry and can extend its activities to the neighboring countries and to enlarge its ambition on this way until to be known as the best supplier in the region in services and products.